Out Of Control Sexual Behavior: Complete Set

Out Of Control Sexual Behavior: Complete Set

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I spend countless hours each week treating clients that are struggling with sex addiction.  As a result, I have an in depth understanding of what goes on in the mind of people who are having difficulty controlling their sexual behavior – and perhaps more importantly, what to do about it.

Time and time again I have seen hypnotherapy help people who had previously been unable to control their sexual urges and behaviors.  In my experience, using hypnotherapy to tap into the power of the subconscious mind is as close to a magic pill as anything I have seen.

For some people their sexual behaviors have come to jeopardize life they way they know it. In the case of many people who are struggling, problematic sexual behaviors can feel obsessive, addictive, and compulsive.  Many people feel completely out of control and hopeless that they or their partner will ever really change.  If this sounds familiar to you, hypnotherapy may just be the intervention that finally makes the difference for you.

We have seen case after case where really good men and women have behaved in ways that have cost them their spouse, security clearances, careers and even influence the outcome of child custody battles.  And as a clinician working to help people heal, what really breaks my heart is that when an individual’s sexual behavior is out of control to this degree, their sense of self is gravely wounded. Guilt and shame permeate and everyone loses.

The hypnotherapy sessions in this section were created as adjunct therapy.  By that I mean that although depending on the degree of the problem, hypnotherapy alone will allow some people to make all the change they desire because the subconscious mind is infinitely powerful.  I also want you to know that your chance of success will greatly increase if a qualified clinician is also treating you.  In my experience, hypnotherapy plus psychotherapy will consistently produce better outcomes than either can do alone.

I was first inspired to create downloadable hypnotherapy recordings because I saw consistently over time how much easier it was for my clients to make sustainable changes in their life when hypnotherapy was part of their treatment. I wanted them to be able to leave a session in my office and be listening to hypnotherapy on their MP3 player that night without having to spend a lot of time and money. That’s how these on-line recordings came to life and they are indeed helping to change lives just like we had expected.