Is there a product sample to listen to? 


Can I listen to the recordings in the car?

No. These recordings are of a hypnotic nature. Do not listen to the recordings while operating a vehicle or heavy machinery.

How often do I listen to the recordings?

For some people the recordings start having an impact immediately.  As a rule, the process is: Listen to one recording each day for 7 days, then go to every other day for a week, and then, 2 x per week, and then once per week.  Some people listen to them more often and that is fine.  After you are done listening to them you can bring them back for a tune up.  You can listen to them any time of day based on your own body rhythms as long as you are in a safe place where it is okay to fall asleep.  In other words, don’t listen to them while you drive or operate heavy equipment.

Download questions...

The files will download to your computer as a .zip file. Simply double click to extract your Mp3 and move it to the device you plan on listening to the recordings.  

My file downloaded but I can't find it:

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