Women's Sexual Health

As “Sex and the City” showed the world, women are every bit as sexual as their male counterparts. When a woman's sexual health isn't working the way you want, it can become all-consuming and extremely stressful for the relationship.  Whether you are experiencing painful intercourse, low libido or difficulty achieving orgasm, it can have an enormous impact on your sense of self.

When the cause is psychological, emotional or relational, hypnotherapy can be highly effective in creating sustainable change.  The hypnotherapy sessions in this section were created as adjunct therapy for traditional psychotherapy and counseling.  By that I mean that although hypnotherapy alone may allow some people to make the change they desire because the subconscious mind is infinitely powerful, the odds of success increase if you are also being treated by a qualified clinician.  In my experience, hypnotherapy plus psychotherapy will consistently produce better outcomes than either can do alone.

I was first inspired to create downloadable hypnotherapy recordings because I saw consistently over time how much easier it was for my clients to make sustainable changes in their life when hypnotherapy was part of their treatment.  I wanted them to be able to leave a session in my office and be listening to hypnotherapy their MP3 player that night without having to spend a lot of time and money.  That's how these on-line recordings came to life and they are helping to change lives and help couples heal just like we had expected.